Built from the ground up with accessibility in mind

FinFreund is perfect for visually impaired users, by combining all the accessibility features of the operating system with state of the art artificial intelligence.

You can say to FinFreund: “How much money have I spent today?” or “I want to open a new bank account. What do I need?” and our artificial intelligence will find the right answer for you. No need to go to the bank or wait 10 minutes on the phone for an answer.

Simple. Fast. Secure.

Our Story

FinFreund came to life after winning a competition in late 2016. The objective was to deliver a prototype within 48 hours that will revolutionize the way visually impaired and blind users experience banking, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies.

In those 48 hours, we meet a lot of visually impaired people, which helped us get a real perspective on how they use their smartphones and how they do “banking”. A deep sense of responsibility and our passion for innovative products gave us the power to create a great banking app. After 48 hours we managed to finish the prototype and win the competition, thus getting IBM’s support.

FinFreund is powered by Watson, IBM’s Artificial Intelligence.

Access All Your Bank Accounts

FinFreund brings more than 4,000 banks, shopping cards and online payment services to your app. You have full control over your finances from any place, at any time. Super easy to set up and ultra secure. Just register once and authenticate with TouchID after that.

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